Mark Cowley

Mark Cowley

As many of you will know Mark put up a courageous fight against Covid 19, spending over 12 months in hospital, much of it in intensive care. Mark’s determined attitude and fighting mentality saw him overcome Covid 19, however it had taken its toll on Mark’s body and health.

Mark was one of the most successful squash members to play for our club, not only winning the club championships but County and International Championships as well, we were all very proud when Mark went on to represent England over 55s.

Rob Draper remembers playing many a game with Mark

“although I was never near his level, he would always play down to give me a game. In fact Mark, despite his considerable achievements, would happily go on court with anyone and if nobody was about he would sprint up and down or solo train.
I actually worked with Mark for a while, he was a director of a bailiff company. Mark in action was very impressive, he had the same aggressive but fair approach that he showed on the squash court, making him one of the most successful bailiffs in the Country.
I was only recently moaning to Mark about our beloved Spurs and what a terrible season it had been, however we both agreed, being a Spurs fan for this long meant we had got use to the constant hope and despair.”

Steve Waters, remembers what a great squash player Mark was…..

“We had many battles on court over the years, including a club final (which he won!).

If you were ever fortunate enough to beat Mark, you know you’d have played well as he always gave it 100%.

Mark’s attacking style was legendary within the Middlesex Squash League and my sister Alison and I were both lucky to play alongside him when the Southgate first team won Division 1. I always hated the training side of squash, but Alison loved the training she did with Mark, including the thousands of court sprints that they did together. Perhaps that’s why they both got so good and represented England.

The older he got, Mark’s love for the game only seemed to increase and when I turned to playing more Racketball (which I always found amusing that he was hopeless at), Mark was still playing Squash five or six times a week. He just never seemed to get bored with playing”.

Mark will be very much missed by everyone at Southgate Squash & Racketball Club and The Walker Ground family.

Our thoughts are with his sons Ben, Tom, and the rest of his family.

Mark’s Southgate honours: –

Mens Champion:
2001, 2011, 2016
Over 35 Champion:
1995, 1996,1997, 1998, 1999, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013
Veterans Champion:
2006, 2007