Court Booking

Welcome to the Southgate Squash and Racketball Club online court booking system.

System is now LIVE (from Monday 21st January 2008) for booking courts from 28th January 2008.

Before you start using the online booking system we strongly advise you to read through
the notes on getting started below. You can also download and save the getting started
document to your own computer, click on one of the links at the bottom of this page.
Click here when you are ready to go to the online booking system.

Getting Started

You can access the on-line court booking system via the Club’s web site from any
computer connected to the internet by selecting the link to the Booking System.
Once in the system, click ‘Log in’ and type in your Member ID and PIN. The system
can also be accessed for booking courts using the Touch screen in the Clubhouse.

You can find your Member ID by using the “Forgot your PIN Code” button on the
login screen. Your PIN and ID will be sent to the EMail address held in the Club
database. This should be the same address as contained in the “Member Information” file.
(Also handy if you subsequently forget your PIN or ID.)

Another way to find out your ID is to use the touch screen in the Clubhouse
and press the “Members List” button to access your name & Member ID.
Your initial PIN is as set / re-set by yourself during TEST phase (refer initial email / letter from System Administrator).

It is important that you change your PIN to a number only you will know on
your first visit (and certainly before crediting your account) as the Club cannot
be liable for any loss resulting from failure to do so. You can change your PIN
by going into the “Member Information” link in the left hand navigation bar.
Input a new PIN, repeat the number and click “Update”. This will be your PIN
for all future logins unless you decide to change it. You can also revise or add any
other personal details, e.g. EMail address or phone numbers. You can elect to
request booking confirmations via email as a reminder.

You can now return to the “Booking System” to credit your account and begin booking courts.

You must credit your account before you can make any bookings for play.

To do this, “Log in”, choose “Pay Online” and follow the instructions to credit your account
using your credit or debit card (minimum credit card amount £30). This will take you out
of the system so on your return you will need to “Log in” again.

To cover bank charges and help defray the ongoing costs of the system, a charge of £1
for credit card payments and no charge for debit card payments will be made whenever a
Member’s court booking account is credited. No additional charge will be made when a
court is booked other than the appropriate court fee (e.g. peak or non peak).

If you require WCGTrust staff to book courts on your behalf, an administration fee may be
imposed over and above the court fee. They will charge £6 whether peak or off-peak.

You can read more about payments, refunds and booking rules on the refunds and rules pages.
Payments & Refunds document and Court Booking Rules document

Court Fees Fee Guest Fee
Peak Courts 45 mins, weekdays 5.45pm – 10.15pm, weekends all day  £6.50  £6.00
Off Peak Courts 45 mins, weekdays 8.45am – 5.45pm  £4.50  £6.00
Junior Peak Courts 45 mins  £5.00  £n/a
Junior Off Peak Courts 45 mins  £3.00  £1.00
General Public 45 mins  £20.00  £n/a

To book a court select the “Area” you require and the day (drop down options) on which
you wish to book a court. Bookable courts will be highlighted in blue with dark text.
Click on the slot you require and complete the details. Courts in grey/blue with greyed
out text and greyed out courts are not bookable; green indicates one of your own court
bookings and red indicates a court booked by another Member. Other colours denote courts
block booked for Tournaments, Club Periods, and Matches etc.

When you have decided how long you wish to play and entered the relevant details select
“Confirm Booking” and you will be returned to the booking sheet. You can enter
the name of your playing partner for the booking, who will be invited to transfer his/her
proportion of the booking fee to you when they next log on.

If you subsequently wish to relinquish the court you can delete the booking by clicking
the booked court and selecting the “Delete Booking” option. If you delete (cancel) the booking
more than 24 hours in advance the system will automatically credit your account;
after that a refund will be made only if the court is subsequently booked by another member.

You can check your account at any time by clicking “My Account” in the navigation bar.
Similarly you can view your open bookings, from the same navigation bar, by choosing “My Bookings”.
The system will provide options for you to follow. Always remember to “Log out” before leaving the system.

You will be automatically logged out after a set period of time if the system has not been accessed.
This ensures no one else can enter details on your behalf.

If you experience any difficulty using the system, or have any comments regarding it,

  • send an EMail to or
  • leave a message at the Club (remember to leave name, date and contact email or phone no.)
      • in the SSRC post box on NoticeBoard
      • behind the bar ‘attention of SSRC System Administrator’

(EMail is preferred option and will normally lead to a quicker reply.)

Click the appropriate link below for more information about:
Payments and refundsCourt booking rulesUsing the Touch screen in the club house