Using the Touch Screen

If, when you arrive at the screen, the screensaver is operating, touch the screen lightly and the Welcome Screen will appear.

Now you can login. Select “Log in” and enter your member id on the numeric keypad, press “Enter”. If you don’t know your id then click “Member List” and find your name among the listing. You can choose the “Log in” option on the left to go back to the login screen but this time the member id box will be completed. Add your PIN and press “Log in”.

Your initial PIN will be the 4 digits as set / re-set by yourself during the TEST phase.

To book a court (your account must have the appropriate funds), select day (drop down options) and select court. You will be able to see the court price. You are now in the booking screen. Having chosen the court and playing time you want – touch “Confirm Booking”.

If you wish to include your opponent’s name select “Find Opponent” choose the name from the listing and press “Select” then “Confirm Booking and Price”. Your opponent’s name will appear in the court slot along with your own and the next time they login they will be invited to credit your account with their share of the court fees.

If you subsequently wish to relinquish the court you can delete the booking by clicking the booked court and selecting the “Delete Booking” option. If you delete the booking more than 48 hours in advance the system will automatically credit your account; after that a refund will be made only if the court is subsequently booked by another member. A member cannot cancel a court which was booked in another members name.

You can check your account at any time by clicking “Your Account”. Similarly you can view your open bookings by choosing “Your Bookings”. You will be guided through different views and options.

For your information, you cannot top up your account from the Touchscreen, for security reasons. However you can change your PIN by pressing the “Your Account” button and you can also move credit around using “Transferring Funds to Another Member”. This will be useful to members who have children who are Juniors and who don’t have a credit or debit card of their own. Also it is a way of saving on credit card charges by having just one transaction, rather than many. This can also be used for sharing the cost of a court.

Additional Time slots – can be accessed using the ‘Additional Light’ in top right hand of screen once you have logged in.

If you experience any difficulty using the system, or have any comments regarding it,

  • send an EMail to or
  • leave a message at the Club (remember to leave name, date and contact email or phone no.)
      • in the SSRC post box on NoticeBoard
      • behind the bar ‘attention of SSRC System Administrator’

(EMail is preferred option and will normally lead to a quicker reply.)