Public Bookings

Public/Non-member court bookings for Squash & Racketball(squash57) club

How to book:

  • Courts are 45 minute sessions and cost £20
  • Courts can only be booked in advance via credit card or Debit Card. We do not accept cash or cheque on the day.
  • Courts can only be made directly with SSRC by calling 020 8886 8381 in advance and not at the club in person.
  • The 020 8886 8381 number is not in operation all hours of the day but usually always
    open between 11am-2pm (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Friday). You should always call a
    couple of days in advance to ensure getting a booking. If you do not get a reply,
    please leave your name, number and the time you would like to play and we will get
    back to you as soon as possible.
  • Weekend courts need to be booked during the week and by 2pm Friday.
  • Once booked, no refunds can be issued.
  • Once booked, courts cannot be changed.


  • All players will play squash or racketball according to ES published rules and regulations.
  • All persons using courts will wear non-marking shoes on court and appropriate clothing.
  • Courts are to be booked for the playing of squash or racketball only and all other uses must be cleared with the Committee.
  • Knock on court door and await acknowledgement before entering court.
  • Players will respect the property of SSRC and the Trust. Any abuse will result in no further bookings
  • Please report maintenance issues to the Committee via mail on the board or preferably email to:
  • Please keep noise on the balcony and in the corridors to a minimum.
  • Children should not be on the balcony unless accompanied by an adult.
  • All complaints should be addressed to the SSRC Committee either in writing c/o The Chairman or by email to
  • The Committees decision is final.

Southgate Squash and Racketball Club (SSRC) is an unincorporated association owned and managed by its members through an elected Committee. It manages all activity on the courts (as an agent of WCGT). Every member/player is obliged to consider their actions when using the facilities and do so responsibly. The rules published below are a guide and not exclusive and will be reviewed and updated on an on-going basis. Any comments should be addressed to the SSRC Committee either in writing at the address on our contacts page or by email to