Payments & Refunds

  • Topping up your court booking account will enable you, as a Club member, to book courts at Southgate SRC.
  • Online top-ups will be immediate to the SSRC account, whereas manual may take a few days
  • Once a member’s court booking account is in credit, courts can be booked on line up to 4 weeks in advance and the normal court fee (peak or non-peak as the case may be) will be deducted from your court booking account when the booking is made.
  • There will be an immediate refund of the court booking fee if a court booking is cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Booking fees for cancellations made after that will be refunded only if another member re-books that court for the same time slot.
  • System Administrators can be contacted by:
    • EMail at; (preferred option for quicker reply)
    • leave a message at the Club (remember to leave name, date and contact email or phone no.)
      • in the SSRC post box on NoticeBoard
      • behind the bar ‘attention of SSRC System Administrator’


  • As Southgate SRC is located in the United Kingdom all debits to members’ credit/debit cards will be in Pounds Sterling.
  • Secure site SECPAY is used as the SSRC Payment Service Provider. This is an accredited (PCI DSS) company.
  • To cover bank charges and the ongoing costs of the online payment system, a non-refundable charge of £1 for credit card payments and no charge for debit card payments will be made whenever a Member’s court booking account is credited.
  • A minimum credit transaction of £30 is required by SECPAY. No maximum.


  • Members can deposit a cheque or cash with the Treasurer or System Administrator. No minimum or maximum amount imposed.
  • This process does not carry a charge but immediate account update is not always provided – it may take a few days
  • Please write your name and member ID on the back of the cheque
  • If you require WCGTrust staff on-site to book courts on your behalf, an administration fee may be imposed over and above the court fee. WCGT will charge £6 whether peak or off-peak
  • Public will have their courts booked by WCGT staff or SSRC Administrators. Click here to see public rates.
  • Members, not having credit on their account, who wish to play, can ask their (member) opponent to book via that members’ account – then pay their share to opponent in cash (as now)